Scientific Collection

The Scientific Collection consists of approximately 76,500 printed and online volumes covering with the following focuses:

  • Textbook research and analysis
  • Teaching, methodology, didactics, and curricula research and development in those school subjects contained in the collection
  • Systems of education, comparative and historical educational research, teacher-training,
  • History, politics, geography, religion, sociology, pedagogy
  • International journals

All the above can be procured through the catalogue for textbook research and analysis or for research literature.

In addition to online media available through open access, the library has obtained licenses for numerous e-books on the subject of textbook research and analysis. Users of the Georg Eckert Institute library are therefore able to

  • download and print individual chapters or paragraphs (PDF)
  • extract comprehensive citations using the copy/paste function
  • access e-books simultaneously with other users

An overview of the publications licenced by the GEI can be found here. All e-books and their contents are also accessible via the library’s online catalogue.