Textbook Collection

The textbook collection consists primarily of the subjects:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Politics/social studies
  • Ethics/Religion

It also contains

  • German readers
  • International primers
  • Geographical atlases and historical atlases
  • General education books and local history books
  • Foreign German textbooks

The textbook inventories are divided into the following categories:

A total of 176,500 printed and online volumes, of which

  • 24,000 are German textbooks dating from the 17th century through 1945
  • 77,500 are German textbooks published after 1945 (including the GDR)
  • 75,000 are foreign textbooks

German publications from all federal states and school types (including general and vocational schools) are collected. The inventory also includes teachers' guides, student workbooks, examination questions, auxiliary materials and electronic educational media.