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The research library is optimising its information services and research infrastructure within the scope of the DFG funding project “Promotion of outstanding research libraries”. The primary objective is to secure the long-term availability of the unique collection of international textbooks and curricula and to improve the search capabilities. A core part of this project is the continued development of the research information systems TextbookCat und Curricula Workstation.

Curricula Workstation

The Curricula Workstation provides the first central and open access to German and international curricula for humanities subjects. Curricula for the subjects geography, history, social studies/politics and religion/ethics are permanently recorded within the Curricula Workstation The majority of the documents are already available for full-text searches. The depth and geographical scope of available texts is being continuously expanded as is the digitisation of older and historical curricula. The database provides a structured search function for curricula using the criteria of country, subject, level of education, year of publication, and document format. Free searches in the metadata of the digital curricula are also possible as are full-text searches.

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The TextbookCat is a bilingual (English/German) research tool, which facilitates searches in the Georg Eckert Institute’s extensive textbook collection and provides a user-friendly alternative to OPAC, suited to researcher’s needs. The differentiated textbook classification of the TextbookCat allows new and intuitive search entries. The collections can be easily browsed through using the TextbookCat and sorted according to the search criteria: country, level of education, type of school, language of instruction, date of publication and, increasingly, definition of the type of school in the original language.

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Project Duration

  • 2011 - onwards


  • the German Research Foundation (DFG) (2011 - 2014)
  • the German Research Foundation (DFG) (2014 - 2017)


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